l'art nouveau électrique

During the manufacturing prosess of MERCURANO Electric Fans there are a lot of possibilities to make them unique.

On the faces of MERCURANO Electric Fans a etched a plate can be placed with any kind of name, graphics, illustration or logo. Only lines can be presented here, no colours, because of its etched qualities.

On the faces of MERCURANO Electric Fans a plate may be placed made by print – resin technology, it can be colourful.

(picture: print plus resin name plate on the column of a venilator and also in the core of the blade.)

Besides, there can be set convex cast, unique logo or name boards in 3D on the faces of MERCURANO Electric Fans (picture: cast texts).

Even the blades of MERCURANO Electric Fans can be signed.

The parts of the fan can be produced any kind of color with powder coloring, in this case a consultation in advance is neccessary. Only those colour schemes can be used which are acceptable for us too.