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l'art nouveau électrique

1. General description

General description

These constructions are unique but are not typical everyday objects. Despite this they can be installed and you can use them safely in your daily life.

The MERCURANO Art Nouveau Electric Fans commemorate the great inventors of the electronics and also show possible mechanical or technical solutions in buliding special constructions.

In contrast to common fans available these mobile sculptures don't have a grille.

We omit the grille only because of esthetic reasons, the art and the slow motion of the blades would not show up with it. You can see the speed of the mobile sculptures in the films which are linked on the homepage.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTION why MERCURANO electric-fans don't have grilles.

We produce not every types of electric fans with a grille only in special cases, with a pre-agreement.

The mobile sculptures work with 5 Volts. No dangerous voltage is present in the device.

If in the future we will produce models with higher voltage (the maximum is still 24 Volts) there will be a special sign on that product.

We would like to remind the reader that toy electric trains used by children work with 12 Volts. 5 Volts voltage means 3 pieces of AA batteries, so there is no danger neither for humans nor for animals.

The 5 Volts voltage is made by an EU standard transformer, protected against electrical fault or overheating, covered with double insulation.

This transformer is an absolutely separatable device, can be disconnected easily.

It is not a MERCURANO product, manufactured by factories specialised in transformers.

2. Security instructions

Because of security reasons we put down the rotational speed to the minimum. While a normal fan sold in shops has 2000 turns per minute, these constructions has minimum 40, maximum 200 turns/min. Using with the slowest speed you can even read the signs on the blades. The speed can be gently modulated with an infinitly variable handle.

We kindly ask to not to use on high speed without control or close to children.

Also please don't let a functioning appliance alone with children.

The ideal limits of speed are configurated by the producer of the mobile sculpture considering safety.

It is sealed with an own "M.tb lead.

!! It is forbidden to remove the seal or change the original configuration!! No warranty applied without the original lead or with a broken seal. Removing the seal also causes evading any type of responsibility of the producer.

We use this sealing since 2002.

Don't use it with a different power-supply, it can damage the product- and also cause loosing the warranty.

Don't short-circuit any parts of the fan with anything! Don't put it into humidity or wet surface or in an area where water can drip on it (such as greenhouse).

It is strictly forbidden to put it on a metal surface!

Don't use it on a soft surface such as bed, armchair. Use it on solid surfaces (tables, shelfs, cupboards, fireplaces, base, stone, stages).

Don't put it on uneven, not balanced places- where the product can sway- don't modify the base of it. If it sways, the surface is uneven and not suitable.

Always check the stability before put it on!

It is forbidden to put any small object under the legs of the electric fan. Don't put it into a small place where the blades can hurt - not even temporarily.

It doesn't hurt even at the highest speed but some can be scared - which can cause more trouble.

In workplaces, places of amusement or physical training, please place it in a high place, well separated.

You must be sure that nobody's face or eye can be hurt, so put the mobile sculpture an spacious and well illuminated place.

Don't use it close to plants (the air-blast can blow the plant into the blades).

You should acutely be careful with children to protect the product, but to avoid accidents, too.(A child can put his hands into the blades, push it, switch it on and off, or can disassemble it.)

It is typical that they play with fans, insert their fingers, a pencil, pen or other things because they like the voice of it. In case like this the blade can be hurt (and it will) but the sculpture may capsize, which cause more problems.

If a child is alone in the room, it's not enough to turn the fan off, but drag out the transformator from the electric socket, or drag it out from the fan and lay it on a safe place (close it). Rules can be easily kept when we apply them to protect ourselves, the loved ones or the fan itself.

You sould think of the animals in the room (cats, dogs, birds!)

Preferably choose a place in a high, protected and imposing area. The best and favourable places are the corners of a room from the esthetic and safety point of view, too - our 20 years of experience says it.

Don't put the fan in a way or next to it. Don't put table fans on the floor (except the big 1,5m high fans).

Even the big 1,5m high fans souldn't be put into a place where you can walk it around.

Don't use or swich it on in a dark room!

This is an ornament, don't use it as a common fan not even for a short period of time!

3. Operation manual

Instructions to use

This construction (electric fan- mobile sculpture) is an ornament, which can be functional with control.

The whole build is own planned, unique hand made cap- a pie from our own workshop with these labour process:

pouring (aluminium, grass, bronze, iron) into sand- moulds

metal cutting (done by hand such as rasping, milling, surfacing, drilling, tapping, burnishing, polishing and so on)

electric constrution (electronical, power)

electronic construction (speed and other settings)

assembling and running in, quality control

packing into our own designed boxes.

The constrution gets 5 Volts EU standard power (AC) from the 220Volt electric socket, in the wire with a switch to turn it on and off. The switch is on the cable or on the construction.

It is absolutely forbidden to use it with any kind of differen, it can cause the ruin of the fan, and loose the warranty!

Every electric fan has microelectronic semiconductor parts (integrated circuits, diodes, transistors etc.) which can broken by any kind of differen.

These semiconductors are inside the constructions, don't look for them, they are visible only with opening it- which is blocked by the M.tb lead. Removing the unique lead cause loosing the warranty.

On the top of the inductor there is a handle you can set the speed with.

Rotational speed: adjustable within approx. 40/min- 200/min- as requested. These minimum and maximum rates vary from (approx. 15%) different products.

At low speed the product is an esthetic object, on higher speed it is functioning as a fan- not as efficiently as a common fan, but this product is not for that!

Though the construction can bear everything in intended use, and it is prepared to meet exceptional needs, please use the original function, use the MERCURANO fan as an ornament.

So use it on SLOW.

4. Maintenance

The MERCURANO- Art Nouveau Electri Electric Fan is a sculpture on the other hand is a mechanical operable device.

So we need to clean and maintain it also considering these two aspects. As a sculpture it may be dusty and can be dirty by human activities. As a mechanical device may deteriorated or broken down because of extreme impacts.

On the one hand it needs dust-control, on the other hand it needs maintaining- but because it doesn't break down (excluding extreme impacts) it doesn't need maintining just a repair if breakdown.

There is a MERCURANO- Art Nouveau Electri- Orageuse fan in an office of a friend of mine - since 1997. It has been working every day without any breakdown for nearly 20 years.

The MERCURANO Art Nouveau Electric Fans are hand made and have variable, different metal parts. The dust settle on them- there are different methods to remove it.

First cut of the mobile sculpture from the power step by step: 1. turn it off. 2. unplug it.

In our opinion, the best solution is cleaning it with compressed air. For example use air duster aerosols which are available in PC shops.

The hoover is a bit worse than that. The tube of the hoover can graze the surfaces, not to mention the unreachable narrow places.

Brushes aren't good also- but ideal for the non-electric parts (handles for example). We use a brand new shaving brush, in our opinion this is perfect .

The worst are feather dusters or a dry cloth -which are weapons of cleaning ladies- especially at the electronic parts (balancer, reelings). The brush can foul into the cables, and may rend or move cables.

Your cleaning lady should be banned from cleaning your MERCURANO Art Nouveau Electri fan!!

After cleaning the surface from most of the dust, the blades and the other metal surfaces can be cleaned normal with a slightly wet VILEDA cloth or with buckskin.

The wet wipe should always be after dusting! The cloth must be clean or new to avoid dirtying the fan with old dust or sand.

Don't use foaming or alkaline detergents, washing cream, too wet cloth, petrol, white spirit, or nail polish remover.

The spiral supply line of the engine is very sensible. If it is hurt during the cleaning for examlpe pulled or dragged it lengthens and won't get back the original form.

Young children would happily drag this part of the construction - they feel very well which part is the most vulnerable- please put the device in a safe place - to be unreachable for children.

If you find it too sensitive, just think about how to take care of a classic record player. A MERCURANO Fan is a delicate ornament.

The construction doesn't need any maintinig for years - practically never.

You can take care of those of the MERCURANO Art Nouveau Electric fans which have wooden parts (for example: Mercurano Oxygene Xtra) with some good quality polish once a year. It should be done with a piece of cotton wool in a thin layer. After this you should chafe the surface with a piece of wool and clean the metal parts from wax.

It is forbidden to use any other type of furniture polish –spray .

It is absolutely forbidden to oil the product, take it apart or use it with differen.

5. What is the warranty for?

Warranty statements

Regarding the function (speed, operating hours) this construction is an oversized one.

We are sure about that any PC monitor, motor scooter, mobile phone or camera would stop working earlier than this – of course if properly used.

All parts (the engine, balancer, frame) are able to take about a hundred times more encumbrance than what it gets in normal operating.

Please don't forget that this is actually an ornament which even works.

Therefore the warrabaty is for the engine, if it breaks down we change it (if the ruin is not because of a differen).

Pay attention that the engine is 10 times slower than its service speed. So it expands the lifetime of it.

No other parts can break down only in case of intervention, which unfortunately isn't warranted.

Material diffect is guaranteed for a year, too. Please return always the fan in the original packaging!

The failure of the inductor - if the M.tb lead and other signs are intact – is guaranteed.

No warranty – non–exhaustive list:

In case of any ruin of the lead.

There are no guarantee of any kind of ruin of the blades (a crush, scratches, and so on) but of course we fix all the problems.

If you have any problem with the construction please check all of the connected parts and read the text above again. You can contact with the shop where you bought it, or just e-mail us preferably with a photo of the problem.

The metal, concrete and plastic parts of the construction can break down only in case of strong impact: overbalancing, kicking up, inappropriate cleaning, aggressive impact, etc.

As a first of all ornament – no warranty for those damages.

Delivery advice

Please deliver the fan in the original packaging. The construction must be pinned down with screws, it can avoid overbalancing the fan in the box. Only properly closed ( with adhesive tape, or well tied) delivery box can keep safe the electric fan.

The original "MERCURANO – M.tb de_Sign package is not waterproof (since it is made from paper) and it is forbidden to lay it down or trun it upside down. It is forbidden to put anything on it, it doesn't have bearing capacity.

If you bought it in a place where they don't give any packaging, you must be quite careful. The most vulnerable parts are: the blades, spirals and cables and the inductor. If the construction has a polished surface take it very carefully, it might be scratched.