l'art nouveau électrique

The 0th- in other words the No.0 model. A 220 V engine originaly used to belong to a phonograph and improvised brass parts produced by myself. This was back to 1985. The engine was not covered at all- you had to have enough guts to use it!

1989 - "a sudden idea crossed my mind"

The No.1- the very first real modell. Marble, mix of resin and sand, brass, wood and sheet-iron, and the rewinded transformator of an old television.

One of my friend who was a successful photographer (he was the one from whom I heard the words 'design' and 'designer' first) an idea just came into my mind- and I asked him if he wanted a hand-made fan or not. He was interested so I draw down the idea for him- also an idea popped to my mind- just found it out right then and there. I didn't think that I put the foundation- stone of the future MERCURANO. So he said yes and paid the half of the price in advance.

I constructed the modell in about a month, which became the the first M.tb de_Sign electric fan. The based idea was the electric engine of Ányos Jedlik- which was the first electric engine int he world. I thought that my modell has to work like that.

It had a quiet difficult speed conditioning with an old and big potentiometer, the whole thing was dangerous (the 220V was come-and go inside) and the work of it was erratic- but IT WORKED!

There was a table on it: "To start the fan there has to give a hand by hand"

The name: MERCURANO hadn't form at that time, but the idea started to silhouette.

When I gave the modell to my friend he asked with his hair standed on end: hat is this?

"This is the design fan, what you had ordered!"- I answered. And I attracted his attention that all of it was ABSOLUTELY HANDMADE, even the electric engine was winded by hand!

"all right, all right- he sad- but could't you buy an electric engine?"

So that was the sentence, which became an anecdote since then.

At the end he liked the modell and was happy with it.

The idea, the form, the functional principle, the build of the construction hasn't change at all since then. Almost all 'MERCURANO Electric Fan' is the clone of this ancestor.

The MERCURANO Eletric Fans were born on the plans and the technology of the M.tb de_Sign's team, they are our own inventions which commemorates for the big pioneers of electricity (Ányos Jedlik, Nicola Tesla, Werner Siemens etc.) and the masters of metal- working (pouring by hand, cutting).

All the parts of the the products of MERCURANO are own planned, own structured, are not similar to any other knick-knack or sale-work. Hence they are markedly stopgaps, unique pieces, in the art, in the mobile sculpture and in the kinetic-sculpture.

All of them are numbered and has a product date.

Please- if you have a numbered, original MERCURANO Electric Fan with an "M.tb" lead- register on the "contact" menu, write us your name or your monogram, address (at least the town) so we can built a database with our MERCURANO Electric Fans's places. Of course it is not obligatory, it is only good for the statistic we love dwelling in the burocracy.

The name MERCURANO is copyright (2015) it is forbidden to use anyone else or come up to the rack.

The family of MERCURANO Eletcric Fan is constantly growing. One or two new modell in every year. Please see our plans under the "Futura" menu, there are photos and figures which are our new plans nowadays.

The team of the M.tb de_Sign treats other kind of knick-knacks, such as candlesticks, shop-window labels, frames, and other aluminium designs, but this homepage is only for the MERCURANO Electric Fan.

Some of our other products be found under the menu "Others" without exhaustive of all.